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Bring it on New Year!

        A few days ago my friends and I were discussing why the New Year has to begin in Winter. It can be a bummer to start a New Year in below freezing weather. 
        Turns out we can blame Julius Caesar. In 46 B.C. he helped to create a calendar (similar to what we use now) and decided to honor the god Janus and make January 1st the beginning of the New Year. 
(I poked around on the History channel's website - if you are interested). 
        Come the dead of winter and a new year begins. It is fitting that is happens before Spring. We begin with all things dead and cold (keep in mind I'm talking about a Midwest winter) and before too long the weather warms, trees and grasses bud and begin to grow. Death and rebirth of nature. A re-start. The new year kind of allows us a starting point for change. The new year resolutions abound. 
          I am one of the many who fail to keep whatever resolution I might have made. I honestly don't remember the last time I actually made a new years resolution. If I have to call it a resolution so be it, but I think I'd rather call it a promise to myself. I promise to spend a little more time doing the things I enjoy. I want to spend more time being creative. I want to challenge myself. I want to travel more. Even if it's just something little every other day or so, something small, a short weekend trip. Little steps are better than no steps. When you enjoy what you are doing it makes it easier to keep doing it :-) 
           So this year, make a promise to yourself to more of what you enjoy. Challenge yourself to do something new. 
Blessed be and may all good things come during this new year! 
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