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A Note on Massage

            A few things about massage. Massage can make people feel vulnerable. The client is entrusting the therapist to help them overcome physical pain or just simply relax. I am always honored when people allow me that amount of trust. 
            If you are considering massage but are unsure if it's for you I hope this helps you. 
     1. Do not be afraid to ask questions or speak up. Feedback is the best way to make the most out of a session. It does not offend me if you say you do not like something. When I check in about pressure or comfort level please be honest. 
     2. Your comfort level is key. If you only want to take off your shoes, by all means do so. I will work around the parameters that you set. 
     3. The Intake form and medical history is important. Certain medical conditions will change or possibly prohibit certain types of massage. So please be honest and as complete as you can.  
      4. Massage should never be painful. When I find those tender areas and tight spots if you feel like you are tensing or holding your breath, then I need to lessen my pressure.
      5. Breath is important. Breath allows the body to accept the work and release tension.
      6. Keeping hydrated is helpful in preventing soreness after the massage. 
      7. If you don't know what sort of massage you need, calling and asking is your best first step. 
            It's a short list, but I hope it helps!